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Mindset – The Key To Make Money Online

A simple search on google for “make money online” provides tons and tons of results which will take more than a life time to go through. But you cannot see that many number of people making money online really.

The reason for this is there is a difference between “want to make money online” and “earning online”.

There could be hundred people who read Shoemoney blog about making money online and not all of them makes money like Shoemoney or not even one tenth like Shoemoney.

Most of them will read the entire blog, overwhelmed by the information provided there and start asking “ Can I make money online ? “. They will never make money online.

Very few of them will read some information on the blog, start to think “ How they can utilize that piece of information to make money online ? “ and they will certainly make money.

That is what the mindset can do and that is why mindset matters.

There could be several reasons why you want to earn online. The freedom comes with it or the possibility of earning dream figures or the life style of the existing online marketers. But the reasons are not enough when the mindset is not there.

To earn online, you need to do more than want to earn online.

First : You need to believe you can earn money online.
Second : You need to set small chunks of achievable goals.
Third : You need to plan to achieve those goals.
Fourth : You need to focus on sticking to the plan and
Last : You need to be determined not to give up until the goals are achieved.

Belief is the core of earning online. Without belief it is almost impossible to earn because while making each step you will have a doubt whether it will work or not. The doubt will shatter the focus, plan, determination and the chance of making money online.

Goals are important to plan. Simply setting a goal like earn 100k is either too big to achieve or scale. When you split the same goal into small chunks like a)earn 1k in a month b) earn 5k per month in 3 months c) earn 10k per month in 6 months makes the goal more realistic and easy to plan.

Plan is important to achieve any goals. How you are going to achieve the goals ? What are the methods you are going to use to achieve the goals ? What is the contingency method when any of the primary method doesn’t work as planned ? How you are going to implement the plan ? How much time you are going spend on achieving the goal ? These are some of the factors to consider while planning.

Focus : Having a sound plan is alone not enough. You need to focus on sticking to the plan and adapt to implement the plan.

Determination : Success doesn’t come always in the first attempt. More often than not, you have chance to fail than succeed. If your focus wavers at the sight of the failure, then your chances of achieving the goal goes down. That is why you need determination. You need to be determined not to loose the focus until the goal is achieved.


Mindset, Focus and Determination

Why Mindset, Focus and Determination Matters.

In the first post I said the basic needs to earn money are mindset, focus and determination along with plan. I am supposed to discuss about mindset on this post. Before going forward with the Mindset, let us see why these matters.

When you search “ make money online “ on Google, Yahoo or Bing, there are from 101 methods to 1 hour method to make money online.

Does all these methods work ? The answer will be Yes and No. Not all of these methods works for all. Some get to earn and some never make a dime.

Are these methods wrong ? Again the answer is Yes and No.

Each of the methods are created by the people who has succeeded using it. So the methods cannot be wrong and the answer is No.

But for someone who has no mindset, focus, determination, the methods are wrong and the answer is Yes. Without the mindset, focus and determination, a plan alone cannot make money on its own.

That is why we are going to focus on mindset, focus and determination first and the plans later.

Once you get your mindset to make money online, focus on the smaller goals to achieve the larger goal and determined not to loose the track or get frustrated before the results appear, it is easy to make money online.

Focus and determination are the by products of the mindset and without the mindset to earn being focused and determined will not be enough. Which makes mindset as the most important factor to earn, especially making money online.

We will see what is mindset and how much it matters and how to have a proper mind set to make money online in the next post.